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DanceSport is a medal sport in the 2011 South-East Asian (SEA) Games in Jakarta, Indonesia


DanceSport is a medal sport in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China


DanceSport is a medal sport in the 2009 East Asian Games in Hong Kong
DanceSport is a medal sport in the 2009 Asian Indoor Games in Hanoi, Vietnam
DanceSport is a medal sport in the 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung, Taiwan


DanceSport is one of the sports in Asian Indoor Games 2007 in Macau.

DanceSport is one of the official events in SEA Games 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand.



DanceSport is a medal sport in 2005 Asian Indoor Games in Bangkok, Thailand

DanceSport is a medal sport in 2005 SEA Games in Cebu, Philippines.
DanceSport is a medal sport in 2005 East-Asian Games in Macau.


DanceSport is one of the sport in International Sport Games 2004, "Children of Asia" in Yakutsuk.


Year 2001 marks the arrival of the World Games in Akita, Japan. As many as 26 couples from all over the world took part in this event.

Singapore holds the first ever General Association International Sports Federation (GAISF) congress. Dancesport is the only sport that is invited to perform for this event..


In August 1998, DanceSport is featured for the first time in the Asian Sports Festival held in Shenyang, China. The Asian Sports Festival, organised by the General Association of Asian Sports Federations (GAASF), is often referred to as the Asian World Games.

The most exciting occasion for the ADSF so far is the Demonstration of DanceSport at the 13th Asian Games in Bangkok on Monday 7 December 1998.


In October 1997, the ADSF is granted provisional recognition by the OCA Sports Committee. It was also decided that DanceSport would be featured in the 13th Asian Games in Bangkok, Thailand as a demonstration sport.

At the first meeting of the ADSF in Manila on Tuesday 18 November 1997, Mr Shawn Tay is appointed as the Advisory Director to the ADSF. This move is prompted by the OCA's policy of non-distinction between professional and amateur sports people. The appointment of Mr Shawn Tay is welcomed by all as the ADSF members feel that his experience and connections would be a great asset to the ADSF.


The Asian Ranking Lists are introduced.

Chinese Taipei hosts the 1st Asian DanceSport Championships which are held in Taipei on Sunday 30 June 1996.

To conform to the IOC structure, Asian members meeting in Lausanne during the occasion of the IDSF AGM in June 1996, proposed to form an Asian Federation so as to be able to seek admission into the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). This proposal is quickly accepted by the IDSF Presidium.

On Saturday 2 November 1996, in Seoul, Korea, the formation of the Asian DanceSport Federation (ADSF) is formalised and Mr Suchai Pianpatanangkun of Thailand is appointed as the first President of the ADSF.


In conjunction with the 2nd Asia-Pacific DanceSport Championships held in Singapore on Saturday 4 November 1995, another meeting of the Federation is held. At this meeting, the proposal to establish another annual Asian Championship is accepted.

Chinese Taipei was chosen as host of the 1st Asian DanceSport Championships.

In the meantime, the IDSF gained recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in September 1995.


Following that, the first meeting of the Asian-Pacific DanceSport Federation is held on Sunday 2 August 1992 in Singapore. At this meeting, it is decided that an annual Championship be held to raise the standard of dancing in the region.

Japan was chosen as the host of the 1st Asia-Pacific DanceSport Championships which are held in Tokyo on Saturday 5 November 1994 & Sunday 6 November 1994.


In April 1992, during the 25th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) in Singapore, representatives of Australia, New Zealand and several other Asian members propose to form an Asian-Pacific DanceSport Federation to facilitate the promotion of DanceSport in the Asia and Pacific region.

This proposal was accepted by the IDSF Presidium.


Way back in 1991, the idea to form an organisation to jointly develop and promote DanceSport in the Asian region is mooted by Mr Vince Bain (Australia), the IDSF Director of Asian Pacific Region.

With the help of Mr Ng Geng Whye, President of the Amateur Dance Sport Association (Singapore), the first meeting of Asian representatives was organised on Friday 9 August 1991 in Singapore.

Japan, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia and Singapore were represented at this meeting.


The Asian DanceSport Federation is a member of  the International DanceSport Federation and the Olympic Council of Asia